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Public Works

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The Department of Public Works delivers a variety of services that Chattanooga’s citizens rely on daily including; the City’s infrastructure-its design, construction and maintenance; the interceptor sewer system and wastewater treatment facility; the storm water system and water quality; the collection and disposal of garbage, brush, recycling, and household hazardous waste; parks maintenance, programming and operations.

Chattanooga’s Department of Public Works is Accredited by the American Public Works Association (APWA). Accredited in 2016, Chattanooga became the first public works department to receive full accreditation in the State of Tennessee. This means that the agency has proven that policies and procedures are developed and implemented to effectively and efficiently serve the public’s need

Department of Public Works Strategic Plan 2017

What We Do:

Solid Waste & Recycling
Garbage collection, recycle collection, brush collection, leaf collection, and bulky trash collection, landfills, wood recycle facility, recycling convenience centers, and refuse convenience centers.

Operations, maintenance, and programming of City Parks.

Construction and stormwater engineering including design, project management, inspection, surveying and also manages the City’s GIS program.

Water Quality Program
Manages surface water quality including storm water and potential pollutants that can enter our streams.

Street Maintenance
Construction and maintenance of roads, pothole repairs, snow and ice removal, right-of-way mowing, street sweeping, litter collection, and management of the urban tree canopy.

Operation of wastewater collection systems and Moccasin Bend Regional Wastewater Treatment Plant.

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