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Special Events and Road Closures



Chattanooga is an active city with lots of things to keep you busy. On any given day there could be several planned events and activities going on you can participate in. As Chattanooga continues to grow, so do the Special Events. Our goal with Special Events in Chattanooga is to help create enjoyable events for not only those participating but everyone in the community.  We have compiled some resources to help make this process as efficient as possible and bring Chattanooga a diverse selection of events for citizens to participate in.

There are many things to consider when planning an event. Any organized public gathering taking place in the City Of Chattanooga is required to have a permit. Typical events include; parades, block parties, run/walks, street festivals, multi sports events, and music concerts. Your event is considered a special event if it meets one or more of the following criteria listed below.

– It takes place in the street, (includes block parties, walks/runs, street festivals etc.)

– It takes place on the waterfront at one of these public spaces; Coolidge Park, Renaissance Park, Ross’s Landing, The Green at Ross’s Landing, Walnut Street Bridge. Visit our Parks page for more information on each of these spaces. 

– It involves alcohol being served or sold. 

When planning your event you will often times need more than one permit. After submitting your application online, you may be contacted by multiple departments to help assist you in acquiring all of your necessary permits.  They will work with you to make the event permitting process an easy and enjoyable experience.


Applications and Forms: start an application for a special event and find other documents to download to help in the permitting process.

Events Checklist: find a helpful checklist of things you will need to plan and permit your event in Chattanooga. 

Event Road Closures: check out a map of all of the road closures and detours to get around.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions when planning an event and getting a special event permit.