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Chattanooga Department of Transportation Mission:

The Transportation Department aims to make efficient transportation viable for all commuters – cyclists, pedestrians, transit users and motorists while enhancing multi-use public spaces for all people.

Our role:

The Transportation Department’s fundamental role is to apply a comprehensive approach to our transportation network with consideration of how transportation needs impact our community’s priorities as a whole, from public safety to economic and community development. A major component of the department strategy is the planning and development of our city’s infrastructure. The department stewards the right process for the city to ensure that we take into account the technical aspects of road maintenance and public safety in addition to priorities like stronger neighborhoods, a growing economy and safer streets. We emphasize doing so in a way that is open and transparent, while providing our citizens with the most effective services at the best value.

What we do:

We assist in long term strategies for efficient and effective design, construction, and maintenance of our transportation infrastructure, including planning and design for new projects, repair and improvement projects, and collaboration with the Public Works Department on implementation of improvements to our transportation system.

We are the city’s liaison to CARTA, the Transportation Planning Organization, the Chattanooga Airport, and others pivotal to the success of a comprehensive transportation system.

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Transportation Design and Engineering
The new Transportation Design and Engineering division maintains responsibility for capital planning, coordination with the Transportation Planning Organization, collaboration with TDOT, design, engineering, and construction management.

Traffic Engineering
Traffic Engineering tracks and analyzes data for determination of need for improvements to our traffic control systems. We design for modification to and installation of new traffic signals, traffic signs, street lights, guardrails, speed humps, and other traffic management devices. We review plans for traffic engineering standards, either those completed in-house though our own or other engineering divisions or those completed through private development projects. Our work centers on safety, viability, and sustainability.

Traffic Operations
Traffic Operations installs and maintains traffic signs, traffic signals, and pavement markings. We respond to emergencies, such as for damages to critical traffic control elements (signs or signals) that are damaged by accident, weather, or other unpredictable forces.